Leverage Cares is a charitable non-profit focused on being a valued partner and resource for the community of Newark , promoting financial literacy, entrepreneurship and independence to our youth and the next generation of our city’s families. We partner with established Newark charities to create a positive impact in our local community.

What We Do.

We at Leverage Cares firmly believe that education is the best way to invest in our community’s future. We also believe that financial literacy is the most powerful tool that people can receive to lift themselves out of poverty and to situate the next generation for upward mobility. Because of this, our focus is on providing training and resources on financial literacy and entrepreneurship to local families. We partner with Newark schools and churches to provide classes to young adults, families, and volunteers who are dedicating their time to their community.

Financial Freedom Workshop Series.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Newark’s  Franklin Elementary School in debuting our  Financial Freedom Workshop Series. We believe that financial literacy is the most powerful tool that people can receive to lift themselves out of poverty and situate the next generation for upward mobility, and our workshop series is in pursuit of this goal. The series consists of free admission, bilingual classroom events that introduce the tenets of financial literacy to Newark’s families: from emergency funds, advice on saving, and the process of budgeting, our intimate workshops give young residents of Newark an open forum to ask questions and get acquainted with the basics of controlling their finances.

If you would like to sponsor, host, or attend one of our workshops, please contact us at cares@leveragecompanies.com


We believe the most effective way to provide systemic support to Newark is to assist the organizations that are already doing incredible, essential work in our community. We partner with local charities to further assist with the initiatives they already have in place, providing resources, volunteer hours, and operational support to further their efficacy and outreach. 


City Relief

Keys 2 Success

The Rock Church

Franklin Elementary

Partner With Us.

If our mission is one that you’d like to be involved with, please get in touch with us to discuss opportunities for partnership.