One of the most frustrating aspects of selling your home is the inconsistent timeline. There’s no saying how long it could take to receive an offer and get everything set to close the sale. However, selling your home for cash allows the process to be simplified and go much more quickly.

How Fast is it to Get Started?

Getting your home ready to be sold for cash is an incredibly quick and easy process. First of all, no cleaning, repairing, or updating is required. Cash buying companies purchase homes in any condition, so you don’t need to worry about doing any stressful prep work to get your home ready for showings. The only real prep work you need to worry about is finding a reliable local business that purchases your home for cash. If you live in the Newark area, Leverage Companies is the best company for the job. With over 400 real estate transactions under their belt, they know how to work well with homeowners. To request a cash offer for your home from Leverage Companies, simply fill out the quick form on their website, and your work is done!

How Long Until I Get an Offer?

Once you request an offer from Leverage Companies, one of their representatives will set up a consultation with you to discuss more details about your property. This is the only “showing” you’ll need to do in order to sell your home. During this consultation, a representative from Leverage Companies will be able to conduct any final calculations to determine the value of your home. After your consultation, you’ll hear back with an offer from the company. This can happen in as little as 24 hours, but should take no more than a few days at most. This offer will be a fair and generous one based on the condition of your home.

How Long Until I Can Close?

Any offer you receive from Leverage Companies is completely obligation free. You can change your mind at any time. However, should you choose to accept the offer, the closing process can commence. With traditional home selling, this process can take a few months as the buyers get their finances sorted and the inspections on the home are completed. However, because Leverage Companies will be buying your home as-is, and paying in cash, neither of these steps are necessary. This allows you to choose the closing date on the sale of your home. In fact, you can close in as little as seven days after receiving your offer. 

Selling your home for cash is the quickest and easiest way to sell your home. Cash buyers cut through a lot of the red tape that comes with traditional real estate practices, and can speed the process along significantly. If you choose to sell your home for cash, it should take no more than 30 days from start to finish.

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